2017-9    Growth of the Contingent Workforce. Kauffman Foundation Future of Work Program.

2017-8    GDOT Small Business Program Implementation and Impact Evaluation. Georgia Department of Transportation (with Danny Boston and Catherine Ross).

2016-7    The Uneven Growth of a Knowledge-based Economy and Income Equality in Chinese Cities. Hong Kong Research Grant Council Early Career Scheme (senior consultant to Zhiyong Hu).

2015-6    Survey of Local Immigrant-Integration Policies in Welcoming America Member Communities. Welcoming America.

2015-6    The Segmentation of Urban Housing and Labor Markets in China: The Case of Shanghai. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy China Program International Fellowship (with Huiping Li and Jie Chen).

2014-5    Understanding the Decline in Inter-Urban and Intra-Urban Mobility. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (with Gary Painter).

2014-5    Urban Resilience through the Lens of Population Vulnerability, Crises, and Conflicts: A Global Perspective. GSU Comparative Urban Research – Partnership Initiation Grants (with Ann-Margaret Esnard).

2014         Immigrants’ Socioeconomic Resilience and Disaster Recovery in U.S. Metropolitan Areas. GSU Special Internal Grant Initiative to Support Federal Grant Submission (with Ann-Margaret Esnard).

2013-4   The Geographic Location and Mobility of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the U.S. Regional Studies Association Early Career Grant Scheme.

2013     Immigration and Ethnic Entrepreneurship in the Urban Context: A Comparative Analysis. GSU Atlanta Census Research Data Center (ACRDC) Seed Grant.

2012-3   Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Agglomeration in High-Tech Industries in the U.S. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (with Gary Painter and Qingfang Wang).

2011     Residential Location and Employment Outcomes of Latino Immigrants in Established and Emerging Destinations. GSU Research Initiation Grant.

2011    Hit by the Recession: Immigrant Employment in Urban America. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research Early Career Research Grant.

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