• Microeconomics for Public Policy
  • Urban Demography and Analysis [Spring 2014 Syllabus]
  • Economic Development Policy [Spring 2013 Syllabus]
  • Doctoral Seminar in Urban Development  [Spring 2013 Syllabus]

Doctoral Students 

  • Ric Kolenda, Ph.D. in Public Policy (2017) [website] now at DePaul University
  • Eric Van Holm, Ph.D. in Public Policy (2017) [website] now at Arizona State University
  • Xi Huang, Ph.D. in Public Policy (2017) [website]now at University of Central Florida
  • Michael Henderson, Ph.D. in Public Policy (2017)
  • Joowon Jeong, Ph.D. Student in Public Policy
  • Luisa de Azevedo Nazareno, Ph.D. Student in Public Policy
  • Lauren Forbes, Ph.D. Student in Public Policy