New book: Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Cities

My new edited book is finally out! Titled Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Cities: Global Perspectives and published by Springer, it engages the topic from various academic perspectives and theoretical frameworks, on scales ranging from local, to urban, metropolitan, as well as transnational. It covers 16 case study cities from 14 countries, with a particular emphasis onContinue reading “New book: Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Cities”

Minority- and Immigrant-Owned Businesses in Economy

Two of my recent new publications examine the scale and impact of minority-owned and immigrant-owned businesses in the local and global economy. A report for the Center for State and Local Finance (CSLF) looks at the growing trend of these businesses in the state of Georgia and its role in employment, revenues, payroll, etc. (seeContinue reading “Minority- and Immigrant-Owned Businesses in Economy”

On Ethnic Communities

Ethnic Communities, places where ethnic minorities and immigrants reside and ethnic businesses abound, have attracted much research and popular attention in recent years. Whereas the exact physical form, economic structure, and social/cultural organizations vary across these communities, they might have the effect of promoting community development and help immigrants through an economic downtown. Read myContinue reading “On Ethnic Communities”